Stuart Murdoch is the founder of the legendary Belle and Sebastian, one of the most successful bands to come out of Scotland in the last three decades.

He put the band together 21 years ago in Glasgow after a long period bedridden due to chronic fatigue syndrome. Unable to work for seven years, he describes that time as a “massive vacuum” when he couldn’t do anything but read books, listen to music and watch movies.

Belle and Sebastien have achieved massive success across the world, releasing nine studio albums and becoming one of the defining bands of the independent music scene – and this year they drop three EPs under the title How To Solve Our Human Problems.

Spirituality and religion have been re-ocurring themes in Stuart’s lyrics and in this episode of Talk The Line, we’re tackling one of the grandest themes we’ve ever featured on Talk the Line: The Human Condition.


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October 12, 2017