Fischerspooner began as a performance art piece in New York City at the end of the last century. They played their very first performance at a Manhattan Starbucks, which ultimately transformed into a spectacle that ushered in the electroclash scene. With the song “Emerge” they created one of the defining songs of that short-lived movement.

This year they’re back with SIre, their first new record in more than a decade. The highly personal album chronicles a tumultuous and emotionally fraught period of Casey Spooner’s life and was co-written and produced by REM’s Michael Stipe.

For this episode of Talk The Line, Casey tells Jen Long about the food experiences that shaped him. The places he recommends are:

Sweetgreen, New York

Dig In, New York

Glaze, New York

Williamsburg Pizza, New York

John’s Pizza, New York

Artichoke Pizza, New York

Marchesi, Milan

Pies and Thighs, New York

Grand Mosque, Paris

Five Leaves, New York

Le Progres, Paris

Cafe Charlotte, Paris

The Beaumont, London

Au Pied de Cochon, Paris


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February 23, 2018