At the age of 21 singer/songwriter Kate Nash won a BRIT Award and over the last ten years has balanced a successful music and acting career.

She’s released four albums to date and her latest¬†Yesterday Forever¬†was inspired by her adolescent diaries and the realisation that the end of her twenties was just as intense as her teenage years.

Kate is known for her activism and as well as performances at Pride and her support for Pussy Riot, she’s a founding director of the Featured Artists Coalition, a musicians’ lobbying group. In 2016 she also rallied almost 300 fellow musicians such as Sia, Alicia Keys and Karen O against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.

As an actress, Kate’s been part of Netflix’s best shows GLOW where she plays wrestler Rhonda “Britanica” Richardson and stars alongside Alison Brie and Marc Marron.

Kate is a massive fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Halloween 2012, she staged a version of the season six musical episode “Once More, with Feeling” at an East London theatre. She tells us just why the iconic TV show is so important to her.

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March 30, 2018