Before he joined The Killers in 2002, Ronnie Vanucci Jr was a well known drummer on the Las Vegas scene had played in in everything from a ska-punk to a covers band called Free Food, who played at prisons and homeless shelters.He beginning drumming at the age of seven and nineteen years later was studying classical percussion at the University of Nevada when he met Brandon Flowers. The band would play in Ronnie’s garage and at night he would sneak them into his University building to practice.

Ronnie Vannucci Jr and Archie
Ronnie’s dog Archie is almost as famous as he is to Killers fans and recently he started reading up a lot about animals, initially from the angle of investigating health and diet. This led him into a deeper journey, wanting to learn about and understand more about how the food chain fits together and how we relate to animals. That’s what we’re talking about with him on today’s podcast.

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November 3, 2017