We Are Scientists have been a mainstay of indie dancefloors since their 2005 hit “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”. Keith Murray and Chris Cain originally met at college in California in the late 90s and become friends through a shared love of stand-up comedy. Moving to Brooklyn to make their debut album, they signed to a major label for its follow up With Love And Squalor, a stone cold classic of ’00 post punk indie.

Their new record Megaplax is their seventh and dropped earlier this year. Keith and Chris wrote most of the album’s tracks in sessions for a songwriting club – a collective who compete to each write 10 songs in 8 hours and drink beer.  They describe the new record as a “fun-bomb” – music to dance to, and to fuck to.

On this episode of Talk The Line Chris and Keith talk hilariously about their love of the character of Jack Reacher, the fictional character created by British author Lee Child.

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June 1, 2018